Thursday, 9 October 2014

DIY Autumn Home Decoration

All summer my partner and I have been working outside so the house inside got neglected. So I decided this autumn to give our cottage a festive feel. 
I have made few little things that did not cost me anything and came from the garden or my kitchen cupboard. Apart from the pumpkin (£0.99 morrisons) and the pumpkin maple sugar candle ( £6 homesense). I love making use for everything to minimise the waste and that will save you money. By doing that it helps you to be creative and resourceful. 

Autumn wreath

I have collected and dried different types and colors of leaves. The drying process can take upto 5-6 days by putting dry leaves between a book pages. The actual wreath frame I made from willow tree branches. The branches were stripped of leaves and platted together as you would your hair. When the leaves have dryed I attached them 3-4 at a time to the wreath with a metal bendable wire. You can also add berries or pine cones.

Table Centre Piece

For this project I got an old wooden box and filled with dry leaves, pine cones, berries, twigs and 3 church candles (which im not going to light due to the fire hazzard).

Around the Fire Place

On this picture as you can see I have added a pumpkin, two glasses that I filled with corn and haselnut and stuck few twigs. Behind the pumpkin is a glass vase with the tree branches and in front of it is a lantern with candles and dry autumn leaves. On the mantlepiece is a pumpkin maple sugar candle surrounded by dry oak leaves and  a glass with corn and hazelnuts and twigs. The skull is a vodka drink which I thought it would look nice there. On the other side is a jam jar which is wrapped in leaves and tied with a string. In the evening I would light a teacandle inside it and it gives nice autumn effect.
Thank you for stopping to read my blog.
I would like to see and hear of your ideas for autumn decoration.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hi my lovely readers,
This blog is going to be about moving from a city flat to a farmers cottage in a countryside in the North of England. I will share my experience adapting to the new life, about all the new hobbies I aquired and all the ups and down of living without city's conviniences. On my pages I will show how I cope raising a family, adapting to the new life and how I try to find time stay a sexy kitten.
Hope you enjoy reading my new blog.